What’s stopping you?

“I have no balance, and I can’t do all those crazy poses.”

That’s okay, neither can we!

What we mean is, you don’t need stellar balance, and you don’t need any previous knowledge of yoga to enjoy a class with us. We’re humans too, and some days when we’re stronger, mentally and physically, the balance comes naturally. Other days, our bodies and minds just aren’t having it, but we still find a way to give ourselves just as much of a ‘work-in’ as we do a workout.

“I’m just not flexible enough.”

Again, neither are we! The yoga that we teach isn’t, “Let’s see how much we can bend, twist and contort your body, because that’s what yoga is.”

We give you any and every tool you need to feel successful after a class. Anything from pose modifications, the freedom to choose-your-own-flow, support and guidance from knowledgeable and caring instructors, we’ve got you. We promise.

“I’m not too keen on signing up via any sort of app or website before class.”

You can swing by any of our weekly scheduled classes at any time; no need to sign in to any class before it starts! However, for special classes and enrollments that do require sign ups prior to the event, we’ll make sure that you know about it, and, we always make it as easy as possible for you to enroll yourself in upcoming events.

Heck, we’ll even help ya! Just reach out to Heidi or Dom and they’ll assist you with whatever you’ll need.

“Yoga is for girls.”

We love this one.

Yes, guys, our typical yoga class will house more females, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun! If you’re self-motivated, enjoy an intense workout, and have one hour a week to set aside to practice bettering yourself, both mentally and physically, you’ve gotta give us a shot.

We’re honestly quite surprised at the recent spike in males attending our classes — and they’re some pretty awesome dudes!

“Yoga is expensive… Mats & gear? Class prices? Memberships? Cha-ching.”

We believe that good yoga should not break your bank. It needs to be accessible to everyone. If you haven’t checked out what we’ve got cookin’ up at our studio, scroll through our pricing page. We’re positive we have something that will accommodate any type of budget out there.

In terms of gear: We do have mats at our studio for you to use if you don’t currently own one. (And yes, we keep them very clean. We’ve heard all the horror stories over the years.) Yoga pants, gym shorts, sweatpants, a comfortable t-shirt or a tank top, and a mat. Any variation of those items is all you need to be ready for a class with us. (Well, and a willingness to get here!)

“It’s just stretching; I need an actual workout.”

Yoga, much like any other workout-based regimen, is all about the internal motivation.

You get out of it what you put into it. If you want an intense workout you’ll definitely get one. And we promise it’s much more than, “just stretching.”

Don’t believe us? Swing by, we’ll tire ya out!