Walking Each Other Home

“Each year I set a mantra for our studio, and this year the Balance mantra is: We’re all just walking each other home.

That mantra, in alignment with the belief that there is an abundance of love in this community, leads me to this announcement:

Beginning in April (April 9th, to be exact) we’ll be housing Revolution Studio, Kristieanna and Melissa’s.

And our “revolution” is based around the concept that yoga is for everybody regardless of body shape, gender, ethnicity, race or income.

And when we say “pay-what-you-can” we actually mean it. So, if you have passes that you’ve purchased with Balance we encourage you to use those and come to our classes. If you would like to pay-what-you-can you’re more than welcome to and it contributes to the building of our Revolution community.

So, why are we doing this? We’re doing this because it’s yoga, it’s union, it’s community and it’s about love; this is how we walk each other home. Revolution Studio will be with us until September 2018 when they open their own doors.”