300 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training


Turn your 200 hour RYT into a 500 hour with Phoenix Rising’s unique 300 hour Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Bridge Program. The overall intention of the advanced 300 hour program is to develop your skills and understanding in teaching a therapeutic mind-body focused yoga class.  You will learn the unique Phoenix Rising process of instructing postures while facilitating embodied self-inquiry and teaching with themes.  You will learn tools that effectively guide an experience of embodiment and learning from the inside out for your students, and skillfully lead an advanced level Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga Class or series of theme based classes.  You will be equipped to work in therapeutic settings requiring the delivery of therapeutic yoga experiences for the purpose of supporting health and healing through embodied awareness and personal empowerment.

Topics covered in the 300 hour training include:

The power of embodied awareness and presence
Integrating the Phoenix Rising process into daily life application through yoga experiences
Crafting classes, workshops and experiences from intention, embodied presences, and thematic language
Accessing the subtle body’s innate wisdom with asana, pranayama and meditation
How to guide a theme based yoga class for a specific population

2019/2020 Training Schedule

Level 1
Choose April 27-30 OR September 7-10

Module A

October 4*-7 and 11*-14

Anatomy & Physiology
Nov 8*-10 and 15*-17

Module B
January 18-20, 25-27th and February 14-17 (Possible Snow Dates March 6-8)

Transformational Philosophies
March 28-29 and April 3-5

It is expected that each participant will be in attendance every weekend. Because emergencies and situations do occur, appropriate accommodations can be made at the discretion of the lead training instructors.  Make-ups permitted offsite at discretion of both Balance and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.

$4009 total, $275 deposit required which includes the deposit and the application fee. Full amount due 10 days prior to training.

A La Carte Pricing

Early Bird Pricing Expires 90 Days Prior to Training

Phoenix Rising Essentials (Level 1) – Choose April 27-30 with Michael Lee OR September 7-10 with Sarah K Greco –  8:30-5:30 Daily – $650/$585 (Early Bird)

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy catalyzes powerful change by bridging the gap between yoga and mind-body psychology. This form of mind-body therapy uses yoga postures, hands-on assists, and therapeutic dialogue to facilitate growth and healing. Clients are gently guided through a meditation that brings them to a state of self awareness and inner presence, from which profound wisdom can arise. The result is clear insight and a practical, action-based approach to lasting life change.

In these two introductory intensives, you will gain greater insight into the mind-body connection and learn to skillfully apply the tools of yoga in an individualized direct experience.

This course is ideal for Yoga Therapists, Yoga Teachers, Mental Health Professionals, and others who want to empower students and clients to create more powerful, meaningful, and fulfilling lives in both classroom and practice environments.


Overall goal: Gain deep understanding of the Phoenix Rising Method™ and its paradigm of life change based on the intersection of Yoga, Buddhism, Psychology, and Neuroscience.

You will:

Learn the distinction between present-centered awareness (direct experience) and narrative referencing, and why this distinction is essential from a neuroscientific perspective.
Learn skills to engage others in direct experience through the body so that they can immerse themselves into a profound state of awareness.
Acquire tools to engage others in integrated mind-body practices, such as safe touch, loving presence, embodied engagement, assisted yoga, and focused awareness.


Overall goal: In Essentials Part II, you will learn how to weave the skills and knowledge from Essentials Part I into a more seamless flow.

You will:

Gain understanding of the process of change.
Explore the interaction of the body, breath, mind, intellect, and emotions.
Learn to create a safe container through presence, dialogue, and touch.
Acquire tools for effective dialogue, empathetic listening, and body-mind integration that leads to life changing action, and an understanding of how to apply this approach in your own classes or private practice.

Continuing  Education Available for this course:
Continuing Education of 8 credits per day may be available for MFTs, Psychologists, Social Workers, (Chemical Dependency) Counselors, and Nurses.

Phoenix Rising Module A (Dual Process) – October 4-7 and 11-14 with Sarah K Greco – Fridays are evenings only, otherwise generally 8:00-6:00 – $875/$788 (Early Bird)

What it’s about: Dual Process means teaching with bi-directional focus. One focus is upon providing safe, verbal, direction and instruction, while, at the same time delivering a second focus on embodied, introspective, self-enquiry. It’s one of the distinguishing features of the Phoenix Rising approach to yoga therapy and teaching therapeutic yoga.

Phoenix Rising Therapeutic Yoga is about embodied presence and awareness. By using the physical experience of yoga as a portal, students enter the deeper realm of embodied self inquiry to gain insight and awareness that can be applied to their life. Overlaying the basic instruction with a guided student centered dialogue leads to deeper awareness of the connection between one’s physical experience and one’s life experience.

This training introduces the teacher to the fundamental elements of dual process. This approach also meets the criteria for “trauma informed yoga” and is appropriate for many and varied therapeutic applications. There are now significant research findings to show that yoga experiences with a focus on embodied presence and awareness support greater health, well-being, recovery, and life empowerment. Teachers of “dual process” focused yoga classes and trauma informed yoga are now being sought after in clinical and medical settings to support patient recovery and life adaptation work.

What you will learn: By the end of this course you will understand the distinction between “instruction” and “education.” You will be able to use language in guiding a yoga class that will give your students clear directions in postures, breath, and focused awareness as well as a unique “inner” experience. You will be able to support students in being able to use their yoga practice as a valuable tool for empowerment and for navigating their life more effectively. You will have taken the first major step in creating a career in teaching yoga therapeutically.

This course will cover the following:

Teaching methodology, the art of “andragogy” (a model of adult learning),  and the power of self inquiry in the therapeutic process.
How to prepare students for a “dual process” type class experience.
How to support students in integrating the experience and make appropriate individual life application possible
Introduction to the concept of  “The Edge” in the therapeutic yoga experience and the language to support student experience and recognition.
A basic class outline and instructional techniques for supporting a quality experience of therapeutic yoga for students at many different levels at the same time.
Understanding of and capacity to facilitate witness consciousness and embodied presence, and what it means to empower students in self-discovery without imposition of teacher agenda.

Credits you will earn with this course:

If you are already a 200RYT, you will receive 59 contact and 5 non-contact hours toward a PRYT 300 Bridge Certificate
If you are a Mental Health Professional, learn to provide safe, verbal direction and instruction to guide your clients into an experience of embodied mindfulness.
Yoga Alliance CEUs (59 contact/5 non-contact hours)

Anatomy and Physiology – November 8-10 and 15-17 with Staffan Elgelid PhD, GCFT, PT– Fridays are evenings only, otherwise generally 8:30-5:30 – $675/$608 (Early Bird)

In Anatomy and Physiology you will explore the relationship to yoga asana, movement, meditation, breathing, and the essence of the Phoenix Rising approach with the intention of encouraging a multi-dimensional sense of wonder and curiosity about the miracle of one’s body. This workshop relies on the study of your best anatomy & physiology resource – your own body. Through auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning methods you will have the opportunity to experience your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies through lecture, play, creativity, touch, demonstration and questioning.

Core areas of study include but are not limited to:

Musculo-skeletal anatomy and physiology, subtle anatomy and physiology of edge.
Key relationships between structures, systems, and functions of the body, and anatomical alignment
Considerations, cautions and contraindications of many physical conditions, common questions and misconceptions.

This course is a required course for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist Certification. It can also be taken independently for continuing education credits, personal interest and development.

Phoenix Rising Teacher Training Module B (Themes) – Module B: January 18-20, 25-27th and 14-17 with Sarah K Greco –  Generally 8:00am-6:00pm; end time varies, sometimes later. There will be at least two evening sessions leading a public yoga class.- $1,495/$1,345 (Early Bird)

Possible Snow Dates March 6-8 if needed; at Trainer’s Discretion.

Prerequisites: Module A: Dual Process

Intention: To deepen the student’s capacity for inviting embodied self-inquiry; to teach the 8 Phoenix Rising themes of transformation as a model for what an advanced Phoenix Rising Yoga class is; to encourage students to create class structure that aligns with the intentions and criteria of an advanced Phoenix Rising Yoga class.

Topics will include and use the teaching and experience of the 8 themes to cover the following:

The art of teaching with reference to the eight Life Themes in Phoenix Rising Yoga.
Inviting depth in the process of Self-Inquiry through Embodied Mindfulness.
Sequencing and class design for specific populations and needs.
Adapting any style of yoga to accommodate the Phoenix Rising process.
Applied Integration techniques – from mat to effective life action related to life themes.
Growing your teaching practice – advanced techniques: private yoga sessions, short workshops and presentations, networking and creating value for those you serve.

Transformational Philosophies (Yoga, Buddhism, and  Modern Psychology) – March 28-29 and April 3-5 with Sarah K Greco – 8:00-6:00 – $675/$608 (Early Bird)

This course reflects much of what Michael Lee has learned and synthesized in the practical application of ancient wisdom to modern life. It will help give you a clearer reference for what matters in your life and those you serve. The course covers the essence of Yoga Philosophy, the teachings of the Buddha, and principles of contemporary psychology that harmonize with these teachings and that are now supported by neuroscience.

You will study eastern philosophies from the perspective of how they support the change process, and how they connect to your work as a Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, or Mental Health Professional. The course is suited to both Phoenix Rising professional as well as students from other backgrounds or enrolled in other programs.

Phoenix Rising’s approach to yoga philosophy is broad and experiential. We recognize that different paths of yoga draw from many and varied traditions. We will dive into our traditional Yogic roots in Vedanta but will also draw from other Eastern philosophies including the Buddha Dharma and the other paths. We will also cross reference the connection between traditional philosophies and the paradigms underlying those elements of contemporary psychology that inform our practices.

Our work together will be experiential and personal in nature as well. Our intention is to explore philosophy through applied experience as well as through the lens of our own personal lives and our roles as teachers and therapists.

This course is a required course for the Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner Certification. It can also be taken independently for continuing education credits, personal interest and development or in conjunction with another yoga therapy school’s program. Transfer credit may be available; please inquire if interested.