Studio 108

Purchase your Studio 108 pass! 1️⃣ What is Studio 108? Studio 108 represents connection among the yoga community in Rochester. It allows an opportunity to expand your practice with more options in classes, teachers, and studios and to connect with a greater community of yogis.  Studio 108 believes that coming together is what yoga is all about. We believe… Read more »

Holiday Schedule

Thanksgiving Gratitude Thursday November 23 – 8am – 9:15am Join Erica for a 75 minute donation class for State Road Elementary School Register online! Christmas Eve Gratitude Sunday, December 24:  8am – 9:15am … 1051 Gravel Road, Station 1 Join Erica for another 75 minute donation class for the West Webster Fire Department Register online!… Read more »

Guided Meditations

As a commitment to our Summer Love initiative, we’ve been creating guided meditation videos for you to use on your own time. Now that we’ve got a couple up and running, you can find all of our guided meditation videos (and those soon to come) here! Enjoy, and please share! While you’re at it, check… Read more »

A Direct Experience

“There’s courage involved if you want to become truth. There is a broken open place in a lover.” -Rumi I was away for a week with three facilitators, and approximately 125 participants. Along with very comfortable tank tops and yoga pants I packed a three-ring binder with plenty of paper, Post-It notes (various colors and… Read more »

Answers in Silence

“To make the right choices in life, you have to get in touch with your soul. To do this, you need to experience solitude, which most people are afraid of, because in the silence you hear the truth and know the solutions.”― Deepak Chopra I’m going to tell you this and initially, it’s going to… Read more »

We have two lives

“And on this journey, please, choose love.” I’ve ended every class in 2016 with these seven words.  Like every mantra, it’s made an impact on my daily life. “Choose love” is a tough mantra to let go of. It’s resonated with so many people and, in many ways, it’s become synonymous with the studio. And… Read more »

Disconnecting to connect

Yesterday, my boss sent me the following video, and it paused me. Simon Sinek speaks about how relationships are formed by small conversations, that a culture is built one person at a time. As much as he’s not speaking about mindfulness, boy is he.   So, beginning Saturday, December 31st, I’ll be taking a two week… Read more »

What connects us

This week, Balance won the ‘Best Yoga Studio in Rochester’ award. And, to me, it’s a win for our community and for those of us who believe in the power of connection. Did the win give my ego a little boost? Yep. Did it make me fill with pride? Sure did. Does it make me feel… Read more »

Mindfulness saves

I have two amazing jobs that I completely love; it’s engaging work. On any given day, I travel from school to school- I meet with teachers, administrators, work with students, and athletes. I plan with colleagues. I shift from a kindergarten to an AP mindset. Then, I head to the yoga studio to teach and… Read more »

Holding space for shades

I’m currently 42, and over the last several months I’ve observed some really incredible sunsets. I’ve also been awed by the clouds, which I’m certain have always been in the sky and near that same sun I’ve recently and keenly noticed. There’s just been something about the vibrant and meshing colors of the sun and… Read more »

  • Mindfulness

    The truth is…

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    I’m kind of a mess. I think it’s why I teach yoga; I know my messages help people. The truth, is everyone who comes into the studio helps me. You see, without them there’s no message for me to share. Without them there’s not any accountability to vulnerability, and I need that; I need the expectation… Read more »