Donation-Based Restorative

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Restorative is such an important part of your yoga practice, there is no reason to not make it part of your weekly routine!

Our Restorative classes are now completely donation-based. Add it to your calendar now; no more excuses! Restorative Yoga takes place on Thursdays at 6:45p – 8:00p

Plus, Mary is the best… She’ll be waiting for you with bolsters, blocks and little pillows for your tired eyes. 😌

Going to the Restorative class at Balance is like dessert without the guilt! I look forward to it all week and it is scheduled at just the right time, a Thursday night, at the end of a stressful week…a great way to jump start the weekend. To be able to come to a comfortable setting with low lighting, soft music and be encouraged to do nothing but BREATHE and relax is a gift. The care that Mary takes to make us all comfortable and lead us in this experience is wonderful. I highly recommend checking this out, and prioritizing it, to all who have busy lives and want to practice self-care. It has been a blessing.” Sandy

Reserve a spot online!

Written by Erica Denman