Class descriptions


This 60 minute yoga practice is for the newest practitioner as well as the most veteran because its intention is to examine the body’s natural ability to align & protect itself. You will learn how to “listen to your body” and understand its subtle nuances.  This class is not heated but we assure you there will be an organic healing heat.

Core & Restore

This 60 minute mindful movement practice combines centering pilates based poses with the ease of restorative. You’ll leave this practice with a deep feeling of balance from the inside out.


This 60 minute yoga practice is truly for all levels because every pose can be modified or intensified. We believe, wholeheartedly, in teaching people, not just poses. It’s this philosophy that will make you feel very well taken care of as well as compassionately challenged. Flow moves one breath at a time, with intentional space for stillness; it’s mindfulness meditation in motion which means you will leave our studio with powerful strategies to help you navigate through daily stressors. (Please note: Tuesdays flow & meditate has an optional 15 minute extended meditation at the end of practice).

Flow & Restore

In this 75 minute class you will start with flowing breath and movement to create fluidity and freedom in the entire body. At the end of the class you’ll melt into complete physical, mental, and emotional bliss with some restorative poses. This is truly a “Happy Hour” and then some. Suitable for all levels and recommended for everyone. So, end your week with a little sweat and a little soothe.


This 60 minute mindful movement practice infuses pilates and yoga. With a focus on alignment, core strengthening and stretching, you will breathe the body, move the body, learn contrology, build spinal strength, and improve your posture.

Prenatal & Postnatal 

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Join us for a 60 minute open sitting. Come for the whole thing, only part, or come and go as you please. The first half of the sit, we will lead you through the basic principles of developing a meditation practice, the many ways of how to anchor your attention, the labeling of thought patterns and bodily sensations, as well as be there to guide you back to your chosen anchors. The second half you will have the ability to put into better practice the tools and techniques you picked up in the first portion of sitting, as we sit together in silence with the aimed intention of getting to know ourselves and our internal environment a little better.


This 75 minute practice brings balance to the breath, the body and the mind by practicing stillness and gentle movements for extended periods of time. Props are used to help hold these poses. Calm the mind and body and discover tools and tips to use both on and off your mat. This is for ALL levels.

Accessible to all! Email Heidi if you have any questions.