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Learn more about our 200 hour teacher training program.

We’re passionate about education, plain and simple.

Erica Ebert, founder and owner of Balance Webster, has been an educator for over 15 years (almost 20 but it ages her, so she doesn’t always say that). She is a tenured, highly effective, award-winning english teacher, curriculum writer, and instructional specialist; she truly knows how to teach the individual.

For this reason, and a few more (ask and she’ll tell you) the 200 & 300 trainings at Balance will never have more than 20 participants at a time. Her faculty is comprised of people who believe that education is an active experience and, because of this each training is student centered. (And an absolute blast!)

So, join us for a yoga teacher training unlike any other.

Learning to teach yoga at Balance is truly a gift. Erica has the ability to draw out of each person what they need to be able to teach with confidence. The course is exciting and challenging. Each weekend progresses at a nice pace and contains variety that will stimulate every individual.

The experience and discussions you will have will deepen your awareness and level of knowledge in your understanding of yoga. you will complete the training knowing that you have the ability to teach and teach well.

-Melissa Strelick, Balance Webster 200 hour RYT graduate

Learn more about our 200 hour teacher training program.