A coach’s point of view

Initially, most of our players agreed that yoga is not something they would ordinarily seek out and do on their own. Many thought that it was “stupid” and an exercise that was geared more towards women.

However, after their experience at Balance, they have been very vocal about the benefits of the practice and now look forward to any opportunity given to participate in yoga. The benefits that they themselves have said to have received fall into three categories: physical, mental, and emotional. Our players said to have experienced increased flexibility and balance. They report having a clear mind, experiencing a state of mindfulness, and an overall increase in well-being.

Many also note the importance of breathing and how it can assist them in their reaction to stress. Instead of having an aggressive reaction, they used their breath to help them relax and to make better decisions during confrontations.

We’re excited to see the physical benefits translate to the field, but the additional mental and emotional growth that has come from practicing yoga will have far more positive implications in the lives of our young men.

-Dan Sepka 
Defensive Coordinator,
Asst. coach – Warrior Varsity football

Written by Erica Denman